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Туристическая компания "ИмпериалЪ-Восток"
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РоссияХабаровский крайХабаровскул.Комсомольская, 79 офис 307 гостиница "Саппоро"680000

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Imperial-Vostok is a young and enthusiastic travel agency that offers to it's international clients a broad range of services that will match even the most demanding wishes. We value individuality of our clients and provide exact services they asked us for.  

We organize individual and group tours in all famous and popular among travelers places in Russia. Stunning architecture and ancient history of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and cities of the Golden Ring will appear before your eyes in all their magnificence.

We invite you to visit most obscure and unique places from rural Russia to the vasts of the Extreme Russian North. You will meet the amazing Baikal nature, breathtaking volcanic landscapes of Kamchatka, learn about almost extinct culture of various indigenous people living in Russia and many more.

We value our client's safety and comfort and readily provide you with broad options of accommodation, we're carefully planning travel routes and always stay in touch throughout your travel.

We always ready to make all necessary changes in our packages to meet your demands or develop an entirely new route especially for you.

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