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Baikal Lake - Baikalov Ostrog

Baikal Lake - Baikalov Ostrog

от 49 100 руб.

  • Услуга
+7 (421) 293-88-77
Информация по турам
  • +7 (421) 230-61-53
    Визовая поддержка
  • +7 (421) 294-42-55
    Образование за рубежом
Baikal Lake - Baikalov Ostrog
Baikal Lake - Baikalov Ostrog
от 49 100 руб.
+7 (421) 293-88-77
Информация по турам
  • +7 (421) 230-61-53
    Визовая поддержка
  • +7 (421) 294-42-55
    Образование за рубежом
Информация для заказа

Baikal Lake ― Baikalov Ostrog

6 days/5 nights

Day 1

Arrival to Irkutsk. Meeting.


Bus tour of the Irkutsk historic city, attending the Angara river quay, walk down the “130 block”, that was rebuilt in honor of the Irkutsk 350 year anniversary. That project took the 2nd place in All-Russian architectural design competition in 2012.

Bus excursion. Trip to Listvyanka village located on the Baikal lake shore (70 km away from Irkutsk). Along the way you can attend The Taltsy Museum of Architecture and Ethnography which is considered a unique place full of historical monuments of the East Siberian culture. For example, in museum's exhibition there are 300 year old wooden Spasskaya tower and Kazan chapel built from larch without the use of nails. Also there are traditional siberian wooden houses, buryat yurts, village school, etc.


Excursion to the Baikal museum. In museum's exhibition you will be able to see Baikal fish, bird and animal taxidermy, Baikal lake bottom sediments, minerals and other things found during expeditions.

Baikal Nerpa Aquarium. Gift shop.

Return to Irkutsk, hotel accommodation.


Day 2


Transfer to the Baikal lake on a bus from Irkutsk to the ferry to the Olkhon island (travel time 5 hours, 250 km). The ferry will sail to the Olkhon island through the Olkhon Gates strait (travel time 15-20 minutes, 2 km). Short trip to the island's biggest village Khunzhir situated on the shore of the Baikal lake (travel time 30 minutes, 30 km). Hotel accommodation.


Day 3


Excursion to the Khoboy cape (Khoboy means “Fang” in buryat language) the northernmost point of the Olkhon island with beautiful and stunning view. Here you can observe the most widest place of the Baikal lake (80 km). During this excursions you will stop at the five picturesque places where you can take photos. Lunch: ukha made from Omul and Russian tea with honey-cakes.


Return to the hotel, dinner, free time.

Travel time – 6 hours, 80 km, transfer on the comfortable minibus.


Day 4


Excursion to the Burkhan cape (Shamanka rock) – the most famous site and brand of the Baikal lake. This site is considered sacred by local Buryats (indigenous people in this region). Shopping at the biggest gift store on the island where you can buy various kinds of handmade souvenirs, paintings, herbal teas.

Excursion to the Museum of Local History. In museum's exhibition there is a rich collection (over 5000 showpieces) of ancient artifacts reflecting life and culture of the natives. Here you will learn about island's history, indigenous people and their customs.

Free time. If you'd like you can go sunbathing to the Saray bay beach. There is a mobile saunayou can go to at the evening.


Day 5

Breakfast. Freetime.

Optional excursions for additional payment:

  • Horse ride
  • Fishing
  • Attending mobile sauna on the Baikal lake shore
  • Hang gliding
  • ATV (quad bike) ride
  • Bicycle ride
  • Meeting with shaman (upon gathering a group)
  • Excursion to the Ogoy island and sacred springs




Day 6


Return to Irkutsk.


Price per 1 person, “Baikalov Ostrog” hotel complex


Twin room, with the room facilities for a section


Twin room, standart



The price includes:

  • Transfer in Irkutsk and Olkhon

  • Hotel accommodation (6 days/5 nights)

  • Breakfasts. Lunch during bus tours

  • Excursions



Discount for children under 12 y.o. ― 5%

  • Цена: от 49 100 руб.