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Pole of Cold Festival, Yakutia

Pole of Cold Festival, Yakutia

89 000 руб.

  • Услуга
+7 (421) 293-88-77
Информация по турам
  • +7 (421) 230-61-53
    Визовая поддержка
  • +7 (421) 294-42-55
    Образование за рубежом
Pole of Cold Festival, Yakutia
Pole of Cold Festival, Yakutia
89 000 руб.
+7 (421) 293-88-77
Информация по турам
  • +7 (421) 230-61-53
    Визовая поддержка
  • +7 (421) 294-42-55
    Образование за рубежом
Информация для заказа

Pole of Cold Festival
8 days/7 nights

Dates:  March 23 — 30,  2016
Group size: 2-6 persons


Travel route: YakutskKhandyga villageOymyakon villageTomtor villageKhandyga villageYakutsk.

Tour plan


Day 1:

  • Arrival to Yakutsk, transfer to the “Lena” hotel, rest.

  • You will be offered to attend the Chochur Muran ethnographic complex, where you will be able to ride dog sleds across the Ytyk- Kyuyol lake and then go to the Yakutian Laika dog camp.

  • Lunch at the Chochur-Muran restaurant, there you will be offered to taste an exquisite Russian and Yakutian cuisine.

  • Excursion to the “Kingdom of Permafrost” ice gallery located deep inside mountain in the actual permafrost.

  • Yakutsk city tour, sightseeing, attending The Museum of History and Culture of The People of The North and The Mammoth Museum.

  • Dinner at the Yakutian restaurant Muus Khaida.

  • Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 2

  • Departure to the Pole of Cold on a comfortable minibus, travel time: 8-10 hours, distance: 423 km.

  • Optional: attendance of the Cherkekh Museum of Political Exile in Yakutia.

  • Lunch.

  • Arrival to Khandyga village, accommodation at the local hotel (double rooms only), dinner at the restaurant.

Day 3

  • Breakfast at the hotel.

  • Travel to Oymyakon village, distance: 510 km. On that day landscape will change from vast nordic plains to the beautiful mountainous scenery of Verkhoyansk range. This part of the road unofficially known as the Road of Bones because it was built by GULAG prisoners during Stalin era.

  • Lunch.

  • Arrival to Oymyakon village, accommodation at the local hotel (double-triple rooms only).

  • Dinner, rest.

Day 4

  • Экскурсия по селу и окрестностям, посещение стелы «Полюс Холода», торжественное вручение сертификата участника экспедиции.

  • Oymyakon village and it's sorrounding's tour, attendance of the Pole of Cold stele, there you will be presented with the expedition participant certificate.

  • Spiritual cleansing ceremony – Algys (blessing)

  • Departure to Tomtor village where Pole of Cold Festival is being held.

  • 11:00 – Festival starts.

Festival Plan:

  • Посещение туристического комплекса «Ледовая Резиденция Чысхаана – Хранителя Холода», осмотр комплекса, дегустация холодных блюд.

  • Attendance of the Chys Khan, The Keeper of Cold Residence, tasting traditional cold dishes.

  • Attendance of the Chys Khan's workshop – exhibition and gift store of folk crafts.

  • Attendance of the Museum Of Literature and Local Lore.

Cultural events:

  • Theatrical performance ― “Oymyakon lands – Domain of Chys Khan, The Keeper of Cold.

  • Extreme tourism ans sport photos exhibition.

  • Miss Pole of Cold” beauty pageant.

  • Return to the Oymyakon hotel, dinner, rest.

Day 5

  • Transfer to Tomtor village, attendance of the traditional deer husbandry fest. This traditional festival is a part of the Evenki people culture. There you will see sled dog races, traditioan clothing and jewelry of indigenous people, folk music performances, and various competitions. After that you will be taken to taste the traditional cuisine and be able to buy local people's folk craft items.

  • Spending night at Yuchugei village.

Day 6

  • Return to Yakutsk, spending night at Khandyga hotel.

Day 7

  • Arrival to Yakutsk, accommodation at the “Lena” hotel. Rest.

Day 8

  • Transfer to the airport, departure.

We strongly recommend to bring the following with you:

  • winter clothing;

  • drugs and medical supplies

  • personal hygene items


Total price per person

Group size

Price per person





30% of the tour total price should be paid in advance.


The price includes:

- Meeting and transfer according to tour plan;

- Excursions and events;

- Accommodation at hotels

- Full board outside of Yakutsk;

- Russian guide;

- Insurance;

- Satellite communication;


The price does not include:

- interpretor ― $750 per group;

- Single room placement at Lena hotel$35;

  • Цена: 89 000 руб.